Privacy Policy

Using any web service on the Internet requires the exchange of some information between the user and the system providing that service. It clearly explains what information we receive from users and why this information is received and how it is used. After reading this file, you will know the meaning of personal information and privacy in fourpush service and fourpush is committed to protecting your privacy.

Information provided to fourpush:

When you use fourpush to upgrade and develop your website, you need to access some of our information to receive reports, so in front of us we also need some of your information such as email and contact number and ... Access when registering in the system. When you use a service, some of your information is automatically or non-automatically provided to data collection services.

In order to access our system and use the fourpush service, you are required to provide information that fourpush considers to be the user's personal information. In addition to the email address, to enter the fourpush system, your phone number and address will also be registered in the user panel. You knowingly provide such information to fourpush and fourpush uses it only for your contact or identification. If you are a fourpush subscriber, you may provide us with other information through the registration, order and customer forms, and this will allow you to use the services that provide the ID. If you do not wish to collect your personal information, you should not register, although advertising network companies are not permitted to use your personal information directly.

When you log in to the fourpush system, some of your information such as the type of internet browser, how you connect to the system, the type of device, the device brand, the software you entered through, your IP and your location for the system will be visible. Receiving some of this information is legally necessary and this information is to increase security and also prevent other people from entering your account

Where do we use this information?

fourpush uses this data to track the number of visitors to a particular page, then accurately calculates and analyzes the amount of time that user has spent on that page, and analyzes what content is viewed and what is not. Clicks places on the page and generally understands how the user interacts with the pages. Collecting this information helps fourpush to keep its services up to date and attractive to users and to identify the content required by the user according to the clicks and time spent on the site.

Information received from your users

When you use fourpush, your users also connect to the system, so we also store your users' information and thus the statistical reporting that is part of our service, provided that the user device allows it. We present. This data is used to provide system services, of course, before it is approved by users and the responsibility for this is entirely with the users.

What methods do we use to collect such data?


Cookies are a text file on your devices. When a device uses a service or site, cookies are installed on the device. We use this information to facilitate the service process. Another advantage of using cookies is that if you are registered on our website, the cookie allows you to stay in the service. As a result, cookies allow us to record the type of browser, the time spent on fourpush and the pages you have visited, with the help of which we will be able to prepare and display content according to your interests.

Cookies may contain our rules and site owner rules, so if you are using the system and click on one of our promotional content, one of our customers may also have cookies on the device. You put, so there is a third party in this privacy.

If you cancel the acceptance of cookies in your browser settings, you may no longer be able to use some of the features associated with your account, and we can no longer provide your own content.

Statistics and reports

We automatically save the received reports in a file, but these reports do not identify the user, and we use it to analyze and manage the website and user performance. These reports include: IP address, type and browser used, operating system used, pages visited, time and date the page was visited and duration visited, as well as the number of clicks and places on the page

Pixel tags

Pixel tags are graphic images that are placed on the pages of a site or email. With the help of such tags, it can be shown whether that page or email has been opened by the user or not. fourpush Links to the person whose information is placed in the service. These tags tell the browser to receive the information from another server.

How do we use this data?

All of this data and information for a variety of purposes, including: responding to your requests, facilitating your access to certain features and capabilities, verifying your identity, marketing and advertising, and communicating with you and announcing changes to fourpush policies; We use content modifications and changes for you, service upgrades for internal purposes and other legal functions.

Who do we share information with?

Your information will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent and approval, but we will have to provide it at the legal request of the judicial authorities. Another space where we share your information is with individuals and companies who work with us to create services, products and site support:

  • Providing mail, telephone, SMS, email services
  • The company that provides user information database management
  • Company contributing to marketing services, distributing emails and collecting information
  • Provides data storage space
  • Collections that prevent criminal acts
  • Individuals or companies supporting customers and ....

We may provide some of your general information to a third party for statistical or demographic purposes, or we may use it collectively, for example, to check how many fourpush users have visited the event news pages in a month.

If we want to develop our business or for some reason give part of our business to another company, we will share the personal information of users and other information collected with the entity added to the collection. If the company goes bankrupt or is restarted, all of this information will be considered an asset and may be sold and transferred.

How to advertise

fourpush strives to assist you in using targeted ads to help you opt out of the site's fourpush personalized cookies


We use third-party vendors to evaluate and provide information on the service. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties, but we may also use third-party vendor redirects that will land you on the page before being redirected and use cookies and information about your device, and so on.

Protect your information

We store the collected information in a secure database with a limited access firewall, so we do not have to worry about their security, and then we encrypt this information with ssl. We provide this password for you to use the service, so you will be responsible for maintaining it.

 One of the attacks on the web is phishing, and it happens when you receive an email that looks valid and that email requests your personal information. But we will not send any information until you receive confirmation from you. If you receive such an email that appears to have been sent by us, do not reply to it or click on any links in the email.

Profitable Websites

There are websites that operate under our logo and leave links such as sponsorship and partnership with us, etc. fourpush does not recommend them in any way and is not responsible for their content, products and services. These sites send their cookies to your site and collect your information themselves.

Privacy changes in fourpush

Remember that if we want to make a change in the provision of our services, we will talk about it explicitly on the website beforehand, and you can always see the latest privacy changes on our website page.

contact us

You can contact us with any questions, suggestions and comments regarding your privacy or contact us via email.