1. What is the radpush platform and what services and products does it offer?

If you are a webmaster or have an online business, by registering on site radpush, you can return your users to your website by using the web notification push and turn them into regular users by applying this interaction.

2. What is a web notification cap?

Web notification push is a text or image message that is sent to a user's computer or mobile browser. Internet businesses need to keep your current users connected and always in touch with them to improve the site, which uses push notifications to help you along the way. Web notification push can contain photos, text and links and users will be directed to your site by clicking on it

3. What is retention marketing and how does it help my business?

You can use Retail Marketing or Return Marketing to help your current site's marketing. In addition to attracting new users, all businesses should also think about keeping up with their current users, and using this tool on site radpush will allow you to do so. Push notification and email marketing are other retention marketing tools that help you increase sales, increase traffic, and increase user engagement by saving you money.